The Rec Show Podcast

Show Love Day Edition

February 14, 2023 Season 3 Episode 84
The Rec Show Podcast
Show Love Day Edition
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Show Notes

It's designated "Show Love Day"! This episode is dedicated to love, love of beats and anything far and in-between. Enjoy the show! Feel free to leave a comment, rating or donation if you feel this podcast is dope. Peace & Love!

On Love (Mon$rock, Bap Notes & Freas)
wenucryy by Ohricky
Luv urself by Delaolla
Kiss Mi Darlin by TeedotEinsof
ToastToLove by D3signer Dr3ams
U-Love by J Dilla
ucamearound by YNGLNK
I Still Love You by Jazz Ali
Faith Evans' Love Interlude Flip by Philth Spector
True Love from Everything Is A Scam by Q No Rap Name
forlove from @melissasauce by thxk_u
Love in Me from Some Slight by Coldtwelvers
Fool In Love from Fallout: Vault 908 by Chong Wizard
LoVibe - dropholindown from If Not Love Then What Vol. 1 by CDOTARTHUR
2nd Change at Love from Naj Ahead
Luv Suite from DIBIA$E Baker's Dozen by DIBIA$E & Fat Beats Records
10 Luv from Synth Soul by Black Milk
Mama's Love from NEWBORNS by Illixie
My Heart & I from Nowalataz by 14KT
GODISLOVE from I'm Wavy Vol. 5 by SHVN
soinluv from Process by C.R.I.S.T.E.N
Show Love (And) from Los Angeles Soul by Jansport J
Tiisha - Luv Don't Come EZ from DJ Candy @ CLUBCANDY* 2007 by coldplushtoy
Is it Lust or Love from Stargate Music by Ras_G & The Afrikan Space Program
One Love from Rap Beats, Vol. 1 by Samiyam
LoveKills!!! from ZION II by 9th Wonder
Love Is Gangsta feat. Tracey Wiley from POETIC DOPE by Sam Poetry
Luv U Bb from Neat Tape 1 by Bad Snacks
It's A Love Thing (Instrumental) by Pete Rock
l o v e from warm thoughts. by tkdwn
loveofmylife from Women of The World Vol. 2 by Audio Samaurai
A Dedication to A Love Religion from TDE presents::The Tae Beast Tape 2 by taebeast
Just the 2 of Us from Aquarium by Koenma
do4luv from Mis Queridos by Delaolla
LOVEACTION by Eugenius Akshun
Peace And Love from Let's Take A Trip by Tall Black Guy Productions

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Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Gldnmnd

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