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Q No Rap Name (Philly 🦅 SuperBowl Edition)

February 12, 2023 Q No Rap Name Season 3 Episode 83
The Rec Show Podcast
Q No Rap Name (Philly 🦅 SuperBowl Edition)
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Show Notes

On Episode 083, today's guest hails from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by way of “The Bay Area” San Francisco, California. He’s a Beatmaker, Co-Organizer for Flipabeatclub - Philly Chapter and more. Please welcome Q No Rap Name to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode, we chopped it up about his signature moniker, musical upbringings/inspirations and . Q No Rap Name talked about moving from The Bay to Philadelphia, going to a concert with Homeboy Sandman, Quelle Chris and DIBIA$E. Linking with SYDEQUEST looked out for him. Q No Rap Name creates music compulsively since 2016 and created over 20 projects during the pandemic where he was able to focus on creating. He shared how learning music theory outside of the classroom and trying to rap but turned to creating beats. Q No Rap Name names his Greatest Beats of All Time from They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) by Pete Rock & CL Smooth and “The Blast” by Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek. He names his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros…DIBIA$E, MADLIB, Alchemist, The Neptunes, Roc Marciano, Pete Rock, Swizz Beatz, DJ Preimer, RZA, Large Professor and more. Q No Rap Name started creating music with Roland SP303 and ✌🏾 SP404 and Akai MPC Live. He talks about his albums "Everything’s A Scam,” with artwork created by _Smush._, Title” a joint collaboration album with  SYDEQUEST and a 303 LOOPS PT1”. Describes He describes what the local Beat-Scene looks like in Philly from his perspective. We talked about the creation of Flipabeatclub (Philly Chapter) which is a weekly IRL event/zoom event which provides Beatmakers with samples to chop up/flip samples. Created music is played for the audience in the same vein of “steele sharpens steel” and its FREE99. FABC (Philly) was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer article (Read Article Here) with Philth Spector and CrateDiggaz and Fox29Philly TV segment (watch here) and Q No Rap Name left crazy jewels and inspiring words for Beatmakers and detailed what's in store for 2023.

Q No Rap Name’s Recommendation:

1. Start Listening To Music You Think You Hate

Intro Music: It Means A Lot (instrumental) from It Means A Lot by Brainorchestra
Featured Music: Various tracks from Q No Rap Name’s Music Discography (Available Here)
Social Media: @qnorapname

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