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March 12, 2023 SHVN Season 3 Episode 87
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Show Notes

On Episode 087, today's guest hails from Hawaii by way of Atlanta Georgia. He’s a Beatmaker, Collaborator, Audio Engineer, United States Navy service member and 1/2 of Local Crew with Sunset Tim. Please welcome SHVN aka Shvnsinatra aka Sir Loop Diggah Jr to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode, we chopped it up about his signature moniker, musical upbringings/inspirations. SHVN participated in grade school and college bands playing instruments like piano, drums, xylophone and more by way of church. Listening to Southern artists growing up like Big K.R.I.T., Currency, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa and how it affected him and how he creates music. SHVN names his Greatest Beats of All Time from 9th Wonders' ZION III, Kanye West's Graduation LP along with Nipsey Hustles & 9th Wonders collaboration “Face the World”. He names his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros… 9th Wonder, Madlib, STLNDRMS, Kanye West, CardoGotWings, Metro Booming, and more. SHVN started creating music with FL Studio (shout out to FL Gang again) and since that start, he creates with Native Instruments Maschine, Serato Studio, Roland’s SP404SX and MKII & Logic. He talks about his I’m Wavy Volumes 1-5 beat-tape series, Orange Note and The Daily Grind collaboration album “The Daily Grind” with Sunset Tim. SHVN talked about managing his active duty commitments with honing his craft and receiving support from his Navy leadership. SHVN also talked about how one ☝️person can supporting you can make a positive impact and lasting unforgettable impression (shout out to TahTah🙏🏾). Sir Loop Diggah Jr. left crazy jewels and inspiring words for Beatmakers and detailed what's in store for 2023.

SHVN’s Recommendation:

1. YouTube Everything (keep an open mind)
2. Ask for what you want
3. Put yourself in positions that can help you

Featured Music: Various tracks from SHVN's Music Discography (Available Here)
Social Media: @shvnsinatra

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