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Beatversations with Tatzumakiii "GURU" Album Release (Special Edition)

April 07, 2023 Tazumakiii Season 3 Episode 91
The Rec Show Podcast
Beatversations with Tatzumakiii "GURU" Album Release (Special Edition)
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Show Notes

On Episode 091, today's guests is a Beatsmith FroM pLanet NaMEK. He a Ski Beatz Smack Pack 15 Runner Up, a HuMan encyclopedia for Beat Culture, and a Elf Audio Koala Sampler Master. He's been busy sharpening his skills since his last release and with this newest release (just in time for Bandcamp Friday), you get a sneak peak into "GURU" a prelude to the next step in sound evolution. Please welcome Please welcome NaMEK's own Tatzumakiii to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode chopped it up about "GURU". What the experience was like creating inside of Koala Sampler for this and future next projects. Tatzumakiii talks about featured guest and contributions from fellow artist and creatives for this project. Tatzumakiii detailed what's in store for 2023.

Featured Music: Various tracks from the following Beatmakers and albums:

You'll Miss Me When I’m Gone, Don’t Find Me I’ll Look For_U & Sweet Romantic by Thxk_U
Grilchy Party Favors 3 - Pastels
Okay Jones!…by Alamodetunes
S-Rank Slaps II by Radicule
Dirty Mumbles with Bapnotes music Pocket Beat
BlutheGod and #SMOKERRYDAY by SuMo Dope
Heavy Weight & Orthodox Stance from K.O. By JUMBII
Pretty Little Bird & La La Love You, Word To Mother; Embryonic and Consider It Done from Looper Vandross by Shepard
Matter of honor, hi fly flow from be water, my friend by tkdwn.
Jan 20 from FABC Vol. 15 by DuckGirl
Jan 20 by DuckGirl, BalconyView by FrequentFlyer, Only Way is Up by Bwhit, Left Hand Master by The Equation Beats, Clash by Nathaniel Rivera, Più all’s Vita from B4Lasers from FABC Vol. 15 by FrequentFlyer
The Checkerboard Floor, and The Jazz Police from Please Let Me In Your Cult by Ya Boy Pax
Windchimes from The Moving Tree by E+RO=3
Shroomsss from Echoes From Tomorrow by Kevin Nagel
KrANG by Tatzumakiii from Cochlea Visions
Thanos by Tatzumakiii from Today’s Future Sound & Global Beat Cypher Part LXXVI (76) by Today’s Future Sound
Social Media: @Tatzumakiii

Purchase Tatzumakiii's "GURU" Here (Exclusively on Bandcamp)

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Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Gldnmnd

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