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Sam Drumlo

April 15, 2023 Sam Drumlo Season 3 Episode 93
The Rec Show Podcast
Sam Drumlo
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Show Notes

On Episode 093  today's guest hails from Florida by way of Austin, Texas. He’s a Beatmaker, Engineer, Collaborator, Martial Arts Practitioner, Cookin Soul Beat Battle Champion (3X) and more. Please welcome Sam Drumlo to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode, we chopped it up about his signature moniker, musical upbringings, his travels to Brazil and picking up the Beatmaking craft during the beginning of the pandemic. Growing up with rock and listening to East Coast Hip Hop early in adolescence then being exposed to Chopped & Screwed. He names his Greatest Beats of All Time from Missy Elliot’s Work It (chopped & screwed), Madlib’s “Drive In”, J DILLA’s “Don’t Cry”, Madlib’s “No Parties In LA”, Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice” produced by Scoop Deville, J DILLA’s “Slipping” and Kendrick Lamar’s “DUCKWORTH” produced by 9th Wonder. He names his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros like Cookin Soul, Madlib, J DILLA, 9th Wonder, Kanye West and more. To create music, he started making beats on Splice DAW, FL Studio, Roland’s SP404 MKII and Abelton DAW to create his musical pieces. Sam Drumlo gave details about how “4 Kings” with Trackslaya, “Great |Ex|Pectations with Dr. KMS” and “Fright Night Beats Vol. 1 with the Drum Cartel. He also talks about how he landed a spot on The Bump Shows “URL Friends” and connecting with FABC’s Ohrickybeats and his stellar management and leadership during the process. Sam Drumlo has an extensive knowledge for the technical aspects of beatmaking, left crazy jewels and inspiring words for Beatmakers and detailed what's in store for 2023.

Sam Drumlo’s Recommendations:

1. Watch 9th Wonder on Sampling for Kendrick Lamar | The Formula, S1E2
2. Read DILLA Time - The Life and Afterlife of J DILLA - The Hip Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm
3. Watch Cookin Soul Breakdown Tutorial Videos
4. Watch Kenny Beats Break Down Videos
5. Determine how you like to listen to music
6. Commit to one way of mixing and mastering
7. Check Out Sonarworks Sound ID Reference for mixing
8. Don’t over-compress your beats especially sample based producers

Intro Track: Le Shell Shock from PTSA Vol. 1 by NELAC
Featured Music: Various tracks from Sam Drumlo’s Music Discography (Available Here)
Social Media: @samdrumlo

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