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Elan Brio (Beat Scene Veteran)

May 22, 2023 Elan Brio Season 3 Episode 97
The Rec Show Podcast
Elan Brio (Beat Scene Veteran)
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Show Notes

On Episode 097 today's guest hails from Emerald, Texas by way of Punta Gorda, Florida. He’s an United States Air Force Veteran, a Beatmaker Vet, Live Performer, Public Speaker, Husband, Father, Coach & more. Please welcome Elan Brio to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode, we chopped it up about his signature moniker (Elan Brio aka "Vigor Zeal"). Growing up in  and abroad as a member of the United States Air Force. Being exposed & listening to a variety of music genres such as Golden Era Hip-Hop music like UGK, The Wu-Tang Clan, Scarface, Ghetto Boys, Too Short, Yo MTV Raps, Rock. Elan Brio stared making beats 20 Years ago and continues to learn and improve his art. Elan Brio has worked with music labels like ChillTapes and been featured on albums with FlapJaques, YaBoyPax titled Notes From The Underground which features a plethora of amazing creatives. He names his Greatest Beats of All Time from "Runnin by The Pharcyde prod by Jay Dee and "Shook Ones" by MOBB Deep. He names his Beatmaker/Music Producer Superheros like Dr. Dre, RZA, DJ Quik, Pete Rock, The Alchemist, Hitboy, DJ Premier, Havoc of MOBB Deep and more. Elan Brio's listening to some amazing Beatmaker Mutants like Tatzumakiii, 78nine, YG Hypnos, Bundo.

Elan Brio gave details about albums like The Brio Files Volumes 1, 2, & 3, Coffee Grinds, Journey To The Moon Flower. He also talks about managing his music production journey with family life. Elan Brio left crazy jewels, inspiring words for Beatmakers and detailed what's in store for the rest of 2023.

Elan Brio’s Recommendations:
1. The Universe is a library card (Use It Responsibly)
2. Let the beats speak
3. Read Dilla Time - The Life and Afterlife of J Dilla - The Hip Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm By Dan Charnas
4. Learn how to EQ (Great Source of Information - Watch Pensado's Place YouTube Channel)
5. Learn about Swing (Watch You Suck at Producing YouTube Channel)
6. Practice Looping Samples will help you chop better
7. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Seriously)
8. Learn about Hip-Hop as a culture
9. Trust your emotions when making music

Intro Track: Bay Bounce from Sample Mode Volume 1 by Homee (Available Here)
Featured Music: Various tracks from Elan Brio’s Music Discography (Available Here)
Social Media: @therealelanbrio

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