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June 04, 2023 Bap Notes Music Season 3 Episode 99
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Bap Notes Music
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Show Notes

On Episode 099 today's guests hail from Sacramento, CA. Started inside the garage of Rod Nice just messing around a morphed into a incredible band specializing in Hip Hop fusing with Jazz, Funk, R&B and other genres. Please welcome Bap Notes Music: Russel Brown (Guitarist) - @RusselBrown854, E-Quest (Keyboardist) - @equest_music, Dirty Mumbles (Music ) - @dirtymumbles, Mon$rock (Music Producer) - @Monsrock, FuegoDrums (Drummer) - @fuegodrums, Legendarius- @Legendarius, Rod Nice (Keyboardist/Beatsmith/Composer) - @BapNotesMusic, Dr. Freas (Emcee/DMKTZ member) - @freaslife, Breeze Medallions (Musician/Composer/Beatsmith) - @breezemedallions and Mark Knoxx (Producer/Vocalist) - @marknoxx as Bap Notes Music to the show. Enjoy!

During this episode, we chopped it up about their signature moniker. The group started as The Addict Merchants, The Original Heads then morphed in 2016 into Bap Notes Music claiming a plethora of accolades throughout the Bay Area music scene. Working with the likes of KRS ONE, The Pharcyde, The Hit Tv 📺 Show “Girl Friends”TV Show and R&B legends like Faith Evans on a song.

Their involvement in community initiatives like Sacramento Hip Hop Education Collective, Flipabeatclub Sample Challenge packs for #5 & #9 including Ski Beatz Smack Pack 16 Sample pack. Listening to a variety of music genres such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Beebop, Rock & Roll & more

They gave details about albums like The Record Store Vol. 1 - Top Floor, Vol. 2 - The Basement, Vol. 3 - Dollar Bins and "Share", “Versions” by DMKTZ, and being featured on MSXII Sound Design Music's MSX Nation "All Slaps". They also talked about the discipline it takes to be a live performer. Bap Notes Music detailed what's in store for the rest of 2023.

Bap Notes' Recommendations:
1. Don't Stop
2. It Takes A Long Time To Play Like Yourself
3. All Bap Notes Discography and DMKTZ
4. Practice Listening and be open
5. Find Your Community / Tribe
***Keys to Live Performances: (1) Stamina, (2) Good Health, (3) Preparation, (4) Be Around Good Creative Energy, (5) Aim to improve each performance

Intro Track: 40 Seconds Only from Pocket Operations II: Forty Seconds Only by Raz Fresco of BKRSCLB
Featured Music: Various tracks from Bap Notes Music’s Catalogue (Available Here)
Social Media: @BapNotesMusic

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